An illustrated collection of nine short stories describing slices of life and experience - nostalgic, humorous,and satirical.   View Illustrations
ONE: Stages of Life A family Thanksgiving gathering with an analogy between the generations and types of cranberry sauce.
TWO: Everyone Called Him Papa A young man visiting his terminally ill grandfather and recalling a childhood memory.
THREE: The Great Bear Hunt Two college students attempting to shoot bears at a garbage dump for their dorm room rug.
FOUR: First Fish Father and young son fishing and the boy's first experience with death.
FIVE: Starting Over A single mom re-entering the dating game.
SIX: Cure for the Common Ill An irreverent spoof on overeating and obese people.
SEVEN: Interlude A brief commentary on the generational changes that have occurred over the time period of these stories.
EIGHT: Pefect Use for a Rattlesnake A sequence of practical jokes.
NINE: In Search of Seafood Four related events in the pursuit of seafood: Clam Island, Larry Ling, Cat Food and Aphrodisiacs, The Crab Who Refused to Die.
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